Eniola Odetunde
Motion Design & Animator


As a young child, I used to take apart our family’s technology. VCRs, vacuum cleaners, and computers; it was all fair game. And most of the time, I would reassemble them incorrectly. But, even as a young child, I wanted to understand the internal workings of objects and how and why the pieces fit together.

I was born in Nigeria and moved to the United States at a young age. I am a maker, designer, and traveler.  I love to explore new locales and adventures and am constantly inspired by the beauty and variety of the world. My work explores the relationship between concept-driven storytelling and stylized visual design. By utilizing a mix of analog techniques like cel-animation, painting, drawing, and digital 2D and 3D design, I aim to provide a unique and varied aesthetic to my final pieces.

In my free time, I enjoy playing the piano, boxing, binge-watching Futurama and Archer, and singing along to Be Prepared from The Lion King.

I love working and collaborating with others. If you have a project you’d think I’d be a good fit for, reach out below.